How Many Triangles

Helps you count or create triangle puzzles

Draw any type of pattern and click the ‘count’ button, the rest is upon the tool. The tool will show you how many triangles are there.

How Many Triangles counter online tool

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How Many Triangles Are There

Let’s challenge your friends

Draw / create a pattern and challenge your friends and see how many triangle they can figure out.

About the Tool

Let’s learn something about the tool

A brief history

Why this tool? ( you may know the answer already 🙂 ) This is the tool that helps you count triangles in any type of pattern you draw or create patterns and download them simply.

From my childhood, one of my common habits is to try to solve problems, math, puzzles, etc. A couple of years ago, I found this triangle puzzle somewhere and tried to solve and eventually I solved that with a special trick. The trick was counting triangles from every single point which was so helpful to count every single triangle in any type of pattern.

Actually, in that age, I wasn’t a complete developer. When I am a developer, I was once scrolling on The date was Monday, July 13, 2020 at 12:30 am. Suddenly, a video came up in front of me challenging to figure out how many triangles are in the given figure.

Then, I remembered that the trick I have can be applied here. But, is there any online tool that can solve these puzzles quickly? I Googled but I didn’t find any tool.

So, I eventually developed this Cool Piece. But, now I used another exhausting formula in this tool to solve such puzzles easily with computer program.

Credit goes to

  • jQuery: A commonly used JavaScript plugin to make the queries easy and simple
  • PaperScript: This is the dude that helped me create this cool tool
  • Bootstrap: A commonly used framework to make the web-page layouts easily and simply

Let’s get the answer

Do you have a sophisticated pattern or your friend challenged you but you are confused? Get the answer.

Answer How Many Triangles

How To

Let’s learn how to


How to Draw?

After goin to the canvas, you will first get the tutorial of how to draw.

How to Count?

After drawing a pattern, just click on the ‘count’ button. The rest is upon the tool.

How to Create ( Download )?

After drawing a pattern, click on the ‘download’ button. The pattern you’ve drawn will be downloaded. Just simple.

How It Works

Let’s learn how it works

It works by an exhausting formula. To know more, you should contact the developer😜

Contact the Developer

Contact the developer Ghalib at anytime 🙂

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